This was a science fiction oriented street fest in the town of Bartow, Florida. I sold my books there, along with a few of my writer friends. A perfect February day in Florida, low 80s with a light breeze.  A lot of people in costumes; a whole party of Alice in Wonderland characters, a Dr Who, and a guy ‘wearing’ a plastic bathtub. I sold more books than I expected, which mad me very happy, and my husband helped out, so I had a chance to take a long break.

Venders sold everything from books to media products to games. Activities such as face paintings, music and food booths completed the day. Unfortunately, at five o’clock, the outdoor band turned up the volume to where it was impossible to talk, so we packed up and left. And we were two blocks away. I had a great time.

Meanwhile, I’m working on getting Marisa on Kindle.

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