Moving Along

Another beautiful  spring day in Florida. Nice to be working out in the yard again.

I received Marisa’s books and have to redo them. Also working on new book. Our critique group has an offshoot, Writers’ Roundtable. We meet once a month to discuss various writing topics. Next month will be dialog. Since people kept asking how to do writing things, our leader decided to create the new group, as we want to keep the critique group strictly for critiquing.

Upcoming events: next month we are going on a cruise to the Bahamas, and I expect to have free time to write, if I can find a quiet spot. In April, I go to a Salvation Army women’s retreat, where all of Saturday afternoon is free time for writing. And in May, I am participating in a FWA (Florida Writers Association) book signing in Jacksonville.

I’m trying to get my photos organized so I can put one in here when I want to.



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