Orange Blossom Time

The end of February through most of March is the best smelling part of the year in south Florida, especially if you have a huge jasmine bush like I do. It’s about ten foot long, three foot wide and four foot high. Today the lake is dark blue and sparkly with the breeze blowing on it.

I think I’m finished with my book, waiting for copies. I still have to put it up on Kindle.

I’m up to chapter four in my new book, working title Sam. Here’s the beginning:

Deep in the heart of City, I fumed. Where was that brother of mine? Around me, the Volen-created hive of a city hummed its own songs. Levels upon levels, it covered most of the land and held more than a half dozen species.

For our Wednesday afternoon writing group this month, we will be discussing dialog. You have to be careful about critiquing dialog, because most people do not speak grammatically. Also, a lot of people do speak in cliches. If you see something you don’t think is correct, add a note questioning it. Do not say, ‘this is wrong’.ewd56r

My cat is helping with my blog. The added characters on the previous sentence are her contribution. She likes to sit on my left side and play with my hand as I am typing. That doesn’t make it any easier.


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