At Long Last

Finally, it is done. Marisa’s World is published and available on Amazon. Also, my book is available on kindle for those of you who prefer ebooks.

75708832_7297453 _ cover _Jan 12

If you self publish, search and choose a publisher, change your doc to fit their requirements, up load it, review, find and correct errors, review, find and correct errors, etc. until you’re half blind.

Then there’s the cover. In Createspace, you can give them your ideas and let them do it, for a price. If you don’t like their first try, send corrections and more money, etc. You can make your own, with or without help, and upload it, or use their Cover Creator,  which I did. They provide the layout, insert your ISBN and a photo, if you want one, and do the spine. You enter you cover photo and the back page text.

Between working on two different computers (the first one died), and two different photo programs, and my photo, it took awhile and a lot of hair pulling. But it didn’t cost me any money.

And the proof book I ordered came out wrong, so I had to redo everything. I don’t remember how many times I went through corrections, upload, review, find more booboos, correct, etc.


Next time, I’m trying for a professional publisher. So then I will have to find an agent…

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