Cruising and Writing

Last week we went on a cruise to the Bahamas – easy when you live in Florida. A little cool, and water too cold to go snorkeling, but otherwise very nice. The first day was at sea, so I found a ‘quiet’ spot with my notebook and wrote a few pages. Later, in my cabin, I transcribed what I wrote on my little computer. Didn’t need internet for that, a good thing because the ship wanted $18.00 a DAY for wifi access!

I wrote more in the afternoons after morning excursions, thought a lot and made notes  about my story, and kept my handwritten journal. Also people watched. Sitting in a comfy chair in or near the atrium (center of ship) people are always streaming by one way or another, or sitting nearby.

So I got a break from daily life, had fun, and still wrote. The second day was our anniversary and formal night at dinner. The crew gave us each a free lobster dinner and chocolate dessert. We had our picture taken by the ship’s roving photographer, and since it was a special occasion, we broke down and bought a copy.

Back home, I appreciate the quiet. Why do people think we have to have ‘music’ pumped into our ears twenty-four hours a day? We need periods of silence, so we can hear the world around us. We need silence so we can hear ourselves think. We need freedom from manmade noise so we can connect to our natural side in natural settings.


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