Weather – or Not

I am currently dealing with writer’s block, and the yo-yo weather doesn’t help. For a few days, it was nice, and I wanted to work out in the yard. Then yesterday it was very windy as a storm approached, and I had to watch the breakers on the lake. Later it thunderstormed, and I had to unplug my laptop, so the screen wasn’t as bright and harder to see. This morning it is cold as the front passed by.

This book I’m writing, working title Sam, is driving me nuts. All the different things I want in it, scenes, people, events, are wandering around in my head, but I can’t seem to get the words down on paper right. I’m on chapter right now.

It doesn’t help to have a certain calico cat sitting on my desk, holding onto my left arm because she does not like the sound of typing. I tell her if she doesn’t like it, leave, but that would be too easy.


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