Retreat and Beyond

This past weekend I went to a retreat of Salvation Army women. I’m not in the Army, but do enjoy the weekly meetings with my friends. We had all of Saturday afternoon to do whatever we wanted. I spent it writing.

Getting away from my regular writing routine and space gave me a chance to look at my story from a different perspective and helped me figure out something I’d been having problems with. My roommate had gone out, so I had our room to myself, a quiet space on the twentieth floor, overlooking the city.

I think it always helps to get away from your routine every once in a while, to clear out the cobwebs. Even in writing, you can get in a rut and not see what you should really be writing. Even traveling, you can let your mind wander (not too much if you’re driving!) and see where it goes. Then when you arrive, you can pick up on that and go from there.

Now I am home, and have a much clearer view of the next section of my manuscript. Sam has found her way outside City and knows where she wants to live, her brother, Brad, and their ward, Max, have been kidnapped, and City, 1100 years old, is coming apart. End of Book One. Stay tuned for more.


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