Mother’s Day

Although both of our mothers are gone, I still remember them on this day. I’ve been going through my mother’s letters to me and remembering how she was then. Now that I’m the age she was when she wrote them, I can appreciate them more.

My book, working title Sam, is coming along. She’s met most of the other species that share her world, which is coming apart. City, where she lives, is sinking, and other species’ places are also deteriorating. And her brother and their shapeshifting ward have been kidnapped and are trapped down below. That’s below ground level, where the food processing and other factories are. I have a much better idea where we all are going.

I have a couple of book signings coming up. So far this year, I’ve sold books every month. They are available on Amazon and Kindle.

At SyFy Bartow. Canopy is not visible



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