When do you Write

Scheduling your writing.

If you want to become published, you must write regularly. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating. I know it’s hard sometimes to find time, especially if you’re working full time and you come home utterly exhausted, as I did the last few years.

I am not and never have been a morning person. Mother had to get me up every morning for school. In college, when I set up my schedule of classes, I made sure that I had no class earlier than nine o’clock. And even that was hard.

Now that I’m retired, I generally write from eleven or eleven-thirty A.M. to One, take a lunch break until Two or so, then write until Five. I do housework, yard work, shopping, doctors appointments in the morning. Depending on how long the latter run, I may not start writing till noon or so. This works for me, because I do best in the afternoon.


My little helper. IMG_0003

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