Marketing Yourself

This past weekend I went to a workshop for writers about marketing their books, and I learned that, first, you have to market yourself. Make yourself a brand that people will recognize. Let people know what you stand for.

We are us. There is no them.

We all live in harmony with each other and this wonderful world.

All people are the same inside. We wear a rainbow of skins, have different talents and have learned different sets of knowledge, but we are all the human race. There are no separate races, except in some people’s minds.

Now you know what I stand for.

Brands require logos. So do writers. Mine will be a series of musical notes on a green treetop. Now I just have to create the actual thing so I can post it on my site here.

Then we have cross promotion, writers helping each other. This includes things like newsletters (one gal puts out a short on every day – gasp. It’s all I can do to  get my weekly blog out.),giveaways, anthologies, co-write books, speaking on panels, social media which is a whole other topic, and mingle at conventions.

Conventions are great for getting to know other author, meet agents and publishers, and gather information in the field of writing. If you write in a genre, like I do, go to conventions for that genre. There you meet people in your field, and people who buy and read the type of thing you write. This is where you want to promote your brand.

General writing conventions are good, too. Unfortunately for me, the Florida Writers’ Association annual convention is the same weekend as the big science fiction convention, Necronomicon, that I go to every year. One other thing about genre conventions is the membership costs a lot less ($40 vs $150+) and you can have a conversation with anyone without having to pay extra.

I was going to post a photo but all mine in media are gone and so is free library.


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