Summer musings

Thank Oneness for air conditioning. I open the door in the morning and I can’t breathe for the mugginess. And it’s hurricane season. But when I watch the weather channel I don’t see anywhere where it’s better. Heat waves and flood and fires.

I’m about halfway through my book. Some people (outliners) have to sit down and write an outline of their work before they start writing. Others of us are pantsers, people who sit down and write with little or no planning. I’m mostly the latter.

This started from a short story, then I had to go from there. I’m on my fourth or fifth revision on the first two chapters, which I sent to the writers’ workshop at the World Science Fiction Convention which is next month in San Jose, California. Chapters 3 through 12 have been through my critique group, third revision.

After I redid the chapter we worked on last Friday, I went through the chapter for next Friday, which I’ll look at a couple more times. I have a few more chapters in second draft, and more first draft I haven’t even broken up into chapters yet. I have thoughts about the rest,  a few scenes scribbled down, and a broad idea how it will end.

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