Summer Musings

It’s hard to come up with an idea for a blog every week. Especially in a week when nothing  happens. I did work on my book and went to my weekly critique group. Actually I did dream as I was waking one morning of a scene for my book. I wrote it down and finished it out. Now I have to figure out just where to put it in my story. I’m finally beginning to see the whole picture.

I have other projects I’m working on from time to time, such as organizing my photos and stamp collection. And jigsaw puzzles.

5-31-11This is several years ago, when she was still a baby, but I am actually working that puzzle right now.

The first two chapters of my book have been accepted for the writers’ workshop at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose nest month. These workshops are led by published authors and professional editors, so I’ll see what they have to say.

One thing about writing in Florida summers is that every afternoon when the thunderstorms come along, I have to pull the plug and continue on battery power.

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