Onward and Upward

Sorry I’m late. I’m getting a clearer picture of where I’m going with this story. My people have a new home in the hills, called Starlight. It’s a work in progress, too many people in City don’t want to leave their little cave-like apartments for the wild outdoors. Sam is finding more and more problems, starting with the governor, who refuses to believe his world is collapsing.

Meanwhile, the weather. There is no normal any more. Every day I get up and say to myself, what’s going to happen today? The Weather Channel is still mostly close to right. In this world, I’m just living day to day.

There was a very interesting article in the Feb 2018 issue of The Writer about the number of drafts you need. Would you believe ten? A few of them can be combined, but I’m keeping it handy for when I finish my first draft. After that, read through it and make notes, then go back and fill in the holes. Then characters, cut, and the use of language. Draft 7 is having others, i.e. a critique group, look at your piece. I’m already doing that on the first part of the novel, which has gone through three drafts.

Looking out at my rippled lake through the trees, I know it keeps us cooler than an unshaded place with lots of pavement.DSCF4206

As seen from my window through the screen. This was before our neighbor’s dock got torn up by Irma last year. The read flower is a hibiscus.

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