Writers’ Workshops and Kaffeeklatches

Worldcons are wonderful for writers of speculative fiction. I went to SanJosecon a couple of weeks ago. I had submitted the first two chapters of the novel I’m working on, and got a comprehensive critique by two published authors and an agent. It was a mind opening experience. I got a whole new take on my story and see how it could be much better. And it didn’t cost anything extra.

Kaffeklachees are a meeting of an author, editor, or agent around a table for ten for an hour’s conversation. You can learn a lot about the lead person, the other people there, and make those important connections. You have to sign up for them ahead of time, but again, you don’t pay anything extra.

Then last week I celebrated my birthday with my sister, one of her sons and his family. It’s been a long time since I was able to do that. I live in Florida and they live in western Colorado. Which means changing planes in Denver (where I can barely breathe, Phoenix or Salt Lake City.

purple and red balloons
Photo by spemone on Pexels.com

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