Last Tuesday the roundtable group met to discuss how and why we created our characters. I don’t remember. They were just there, and as I worked with them, I got to know them better. We get into very interesting discussions there.

My husband is writing a story, so he came and, I hope, learned some things. He is now two-fingering the first chapter into his computer, and writing a draft longhand. He has a good premise, I’d like to see how it works it out.

We finally got to show off our vacation photos to a friend we hadn’t seen in a while. Couldn’t remember the password of the computer we brought, my external memory wouldn’t work with her old laptop (xp!) so we finally ended up on her big screen desktop, which was very nice.

Having problems with Onedrive. I write and print from my little computer, but am writing a new draft on my big new laptop which can’t find a driver for our printer. So I write on little one, save it to One drive, but when I go look at it in the big one, none of the changes are there. Sometimes I hate computers.

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