Moving Right Along

I’m making progress on my novel, writing several hours a day. I have the bare bones, now I am fleshing it out. Sometimes it’s hard to stop writing when it’s time to do something else, or I’m getting tired. Writing is physical work.

I’m also working on my presentation for our roundtable group. The subject is your first page. The first thing you must have is a point of view, a clear depiction of who is telling the story, no matter whether it’s first, third or some other person. The reader needs someone to bond with, otherwise she won’t keep reading.

Also, as a baseball/college football fanatic, I’m doing my writing around games, sometimes during games, but it’s hard to focus then. It’s baseball playoff season, and my favorite team, the Dodgers, are in the playoffs, so have to watch them.

aerial view of sports stadium during daytime
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