Workshop pain

Is this Wednesday already? I spent Monday recovering from  an up and down science fiction convention, Necronomicon, in Tampa. Ups were connecting with some of my writer friends and the parties, down was the four hour workshop on Sunday. Mickey Reinhart, an author and runner of many, many writing workshops, shredded my first two chapters. Talk about pain.

Monday I could not even think about writing, not even this blog or my journal. Yesterday I had a root canal. Not fun. So here I am today. After working two hours at the office. Later, I may get up the nerve to actually look at her notes. But I will rewrite the beginning of my story.

You absolutely have to have other people read your work before you send it out. It’s amazing what other people see, or not see, that you didn’t. So much is in your head that it’s hard to tell how much is on paper and how much is not. Make that several people. In my critique group, people see different things. And then I bring my pages home and have my husband read it, and he finds something that no one else (incuding me) saw.

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