A New Beginning

After the pain is gone, and I have digested my workshop comments, I am rewriting the beginning of my story. Again. I have started my first serious edit and am  a few chapters into it. And working on later chapters for my critique group  to look at. So I’m working on three different sections at the same time. Talk about confusing.

Now there is life to deal with . My husband, house and yard. Now that it’s cooling down some, we can spend more time working in the yard. A major fight in southern Florida, everything grows so fast. Plus the cat, who thinks she owns the house. She doesn’t, we do. Paid in full.

To top it off, my boss called and begged me to come back to work, for a few hours a couple days a week. So I did. She’d the best boss I ever had, and I couldn’t turn her down. Medical problems, like a root canal. I’m determined to keep my natural grown teeth for as long as I can. My mother got a full upper plate in her fifties.





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