This is a strange one for many people this year, especially in California. I am grieving for the town of Paradise, where my husband’s brothers grew up, and where another brother, his mother and grandmother were buried. This is where Greg proposed, and where I was welcomed into his family.

I am writing like crazy, 5 or 6 hours a day, to keep going. The third totally different beginning to my novel, which I will probably change again. One section totally rewritten. More changes to come. The first draft, where you are just getting it down on paper, is fun, but the serious editing is hell. Should I use this word or that? Would this character really do that? Does this make sense? Did I really mean to say that? What if he did this instead of that.

I am thankful for many things, including my husband and our relationship, and our lovely home on a lake, which is paid off.

Our last round table was on selecting a title for your work, something I’m thinking about and looking for just the right word. Titles are not copyrightable but you don’t want to use one that was recently used on a best seller. It should say something regarding what your book is about, but there are many that don’t.

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