Holiday Blues

My electronics are driving me nuts. My new computer won’t print on old or new printer. I have OneDrive on both my new computer and my little Acer, which I can print from. Except that Onedrive on Acer is not updating the files from New. So I can’t print from Acer. I have to put ms on flash drive, put it on my husband’s old Windows 7 computer, and print from there. Then I go to work planning to print reports, and THAT printer is down.

Our critique group meets every Friday afternoon. My schedule is to go through a new chapter on Sun, Tues, and Thurs, and print the required number of copies on Thursday afternoon. If I can, if I don’t screw it up. if I don’t run out of ink.

And then there’s all the Christmas stuff to do, decorating, cards, shopping, packages, parties. Plus working on the yard. We want to get it all cleaned up this winter and landscaped in the spring. Either it’s too hot or too cold. Oh, and baking. At least, we’re not trying to travel anywhere. The weather is crazy anymore.

cat under the christmas tree
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