The End

No, not of my blog. Not even of the year, quite yet. This morning, I finished the second (third?) draft of my book. There is nothing like the feeling when one comes to the end of one’s manuscript and says (or yells) THE END.

But it’s not the real end. I have a lot more editing to do. I’m not one of these writers (which I’m not sure I believe in) who can sit down, write out a story, maybe go through it once looking for typos, and it’s ready to go. I do a skeletal first draft, fill-in-the-holes second draft, serious editing after sending the ms through my critique group, and then I will now go through and make sure the characters, time line, and places are consistent and all loose ends tied up.

Lastly will be the picky stuff, grammar and punctuation and spelling. And then I will have to start looking for an agent (query letters!) and or a publisher. I do have a couple of prospects in mind.

I will get it all done next year. Merry Christmas, etc, and a prosperous New Year.

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