Winter Blues

I’ve been sick, and it’s hard to get your mind to focus when it’s all clogged up. My story keeps rattling around in my head and I make notes, and this week will have one more chapter for my critique group. Only four more to go. Keep rewriting the ending.

So many books on so many aspects of writing, it’s hard to sort it out, especially when there are differing views. It’s also hard to figure out what agents and editors want, because each one is different. So checking each one’s website to get what that person wants is the way to go.

Problem is, they want all different lengths of synopses, so you have to write a half dozen or more different versions. And writing those things are worse than writing the book. I’ve started to work on mine. Like most writers, I look at what I write and think that’s a piece of crap, then the next day I think, oh, that’s good.

brown tree covered by snow
not Florida

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