Suddenly, it’s Spring

Spring means housecleaning, and I did a whopping job on my home office corner. First, empty the big bookcase and move it out. Dump some old books (Windows 98!) and other junk. Move out the drawer bins and big file box. My husband and I hauled out the broken down file cabinet, after I took all the files out.

We had a two-drawer file cabinet sitting around, so Greg sanded and painted it for me. Meanwhile, I went through files and found most of the manuscript of the very first novel I wrote, back in the seventies. So I had to read it. Not as bad as I had thought, about third draft material, needed a lot of work. A few plot holes. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop, which pleased me. I had actually written a story. Unfortunately the part with the climax was missing. However, the wrap-up was there so I kinda figured out what happened.

I also found a folder with a few stories written in practically unreadable pencil marked ‘before typewriter’. I got my first typewriter when I went to college. Meanwhile, we moved the bookcase back in against the back wall instead of sticking out into the room as it was before. Then I had to put the books back. And stopping to read too may

Sunday morning, Greg brought the new file cabinet in and I filled it up. I’m extremely pleased with the new look. During all this, I also kept writing. Two more chapters to go through my critique group.


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