Saturday I participated in SyFyBartow, the science fiction street party in Bartow, Florida. Displayed my books and drew a fair amount of interest. Highlight was, when a gal who had bought the first two books, Lyn’s Talent and Perri’s Gates last year came by and bought the third book, Marisa’s World. Then she told me she thought the first book was ‘really good’. Made my day. Every author likes to hear that.

The Dissolving City is coming along. Ran next to last chapter through my critique group Friday. One more deep run through, which will take a while, and then…

Still going through stuff in my ‘new’ office. Still getting rid of stuff. Too many belongings gets overwhelming at times. Do I really need all this stuff? No. Do I need to be able to find things when I need them? Yes. So always looking for something I can get rid of. And, yes, it is all right to end a sentence with a proposition.

This is what Samanda is seeking.

sunlight beaming on green trees
Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com

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