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Yesterday I sent the first thirty pages of my new book and a short synopsis to Florida Writers’ Royal Palm contest, and I finished my latest edit at 8:30 last night. More to go. Well, it;s exciting for me.

Plotting is our subject at our monthly meeting in two weeks. One important thing about plotting is each action has to follow from the preceding action. He does this causing that to happen, forcing her to do something he doesn’t like, so he does (or says) something else. Then we have her reaction, and so forth. An outside event, like an earthquake can occur, if it has been shown as an option earlier in the story. In my book, a fault line and tremors are mentioned early, and later a small quake occurs, so when the big one hits, no one is surprised.

If you are switching back and forth between characters, each one can have his own plot line, until they meet and their plot lines are joined. I usually have a general idea where my story is going. Some writers do a comprehensive outline, even saying how many pages in the beginning section, how many in the middle and how many in the ending,

I find that way too confining, because then you have to write to fit your outline, in the process losing the story you really wanted to write.

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