Why is it raining?[when weather says sunny?][photo]

Weather on home page of Window 10, that is. It does this a lot. I have nothing against rain, especially these days of water shortages. Helps keep our water bill down. Also growing native plants that take less water.

I have sent my first thirty pages and synopsis to Florida Writers’ Royal Palm Awards contest. If the first judge likes it, they’ll ask for complete manuscript. From there, they select semifinalists, then finalists.


This was for a short story.

The award will be announced at the writers conference in October. However, Necronomicon, my every year science fiction convention is on the same weekend. There, I can talk to agents and editors without paying extra. Not to mention my fellow authors and friends.

water droplets on green leaf plant
Photo by Sofie Vanborm on Pexels.com

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