Exciting Announcement (photo)

It is done! I have finished Cityfall (new title) and sent to complete manuscript to FWA’s Royal Palm Awards, on Sunday. Monday too wiped out to even think about writing. But here I am back again. On a rainy Tuesday.


Deep in the heart of City, Sam expected it to be just another day in her inquiry agent’s office, until she logged on to her screen and saw the message. ‘This is to inform Samanda Lar that if she wished to reproduce, she must do so in the next six months. At that time, her birth control will become permanent.’

“What?” Sam exclaimed. She could be that old, could she? All women’s birth control became permanent at thirty, a form of population control.

Something inside her awoke.

This is the start. More next time.

Only a writer or artist can understand the exhilaration of finally completing a project, the relief that it’s finally over, the joy of being able to say, I created this piece of art. To say, it was worth all that pain and hard work. Writing is very hard emotionally, always thinking, is this good or is this a piece of crap. Always finding a place that can be improved. When do you stop and say it’s done?


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