New Day

Now blogging on Thursday. In the morning, but I seemed to have missed that. Lovely April day, breezy and not too hot. We had a nice beach break last weekend. Everyone, even writers, needs a break now and then. Not that I stopped  thinking about my story. Once you’ve started a story you can’t ever stop thinking about it, except when you sleep. Unless you start dreaming about your characters.

Starting to think about our trip to Ireland in August. Have room and flight lined up. And keeping an eye on Brexit, Britain (incl N, Ireland) leaving the European Union. We would like to go up to Belfast, which is in North Ireland, but are waiting to see what happens.

My new story is about Maxee and her three young ones seven years after the end of my book. She takes her kubs on a journey and meets another group of colonists. Also I’m typing up my husband’s novel. He agreed to cook an extra night a week for my typing services. We have Dragon software, but it takes longer to correct than to just type it.

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