Amazing Fact (photo)

Did you know there is an animal that lays eggs? It’s a monotreme. We know it as a platypus. A duck-billed platypus. Has a flat tail and wide feet with toes spread apart.

Couldn’t find a platypus, so here’s a koala. They are much cuter.

My story is coming along. Maybe next week I’ll have a first sentence. Beginning to think about my next book. This time I think I’ll do an outline. We had our monthly meeting on outlining versus pantsing. Pantsing is when you sit down and start writing when you have no idea where you’re going. It’s more creative, because you’re not hemmed in by an outline, but you can get lost or sidetracked easily.

You do need to have some idea where you’re headed, especially for mysteries. They definitely need to be outlined, with an idea of each character’s story line. Some writers spend weeks on detailed outlines, so that when they actually write the story, they are basically fleshing it out. To me, that outline is a first draft.

I do this: ‘he did this, she did that, this happened, they went there’. This is my first draft. Then I go through and flesh it out with details, setting, emotions, thoughts and additional scenes. The first draft is just getting the story down on paper (or screen) without worrying about spelling, grammar or whether it makes sense. The second draft, you go through and take care of those things.

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