5 Things to Avoid in Critiquing

  1. Start in by pointed out a problem. Say something nice about the piece first.
  2. Telling the author how a sentence or paragraph should be written. Phrase it as a suggestion that might work better.
  3. Rewriting dialog. The character has a unique way of speaking and the author knows best. If the dialog does not sound like the character, mention that.
  4. Rewriting sentence fragments into sentences. Some authors’ natural style uses segments for emphasis or other reasons.

5. Rewriting sentences or paragraphs. Each author has his own voice. By rewriting,                you are putting your voice in his story and disrupting his. Suggest options or                        mention what bothers you. Let him look at it and decide how or if he wants to                      rewrite it.


I wrote the first few paragraphs of my new book, Bubbles of Time. Still trying to figure out some things. Have the character and basic plot. Writing is such fun. Nice day out, so cat not pestering me.

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