5 Ways to Start a New Novel

1.What if.   As you travel through your day, keep your eyes and ears open.  For any event, ask yourself what would happen if this were the opposite of what happened.

2. Character.   Think of some interesting person and add a few other attributes. Think, what if she were put in this situation. What would she do?

3. Plot.   Have an idea for a plot? Work it out and figure what kind of characters you need to accomplish this.

4. How-to.   Your character has to get from here to there, for some goal. How does he do it?

5. Theme.   There is some event or condition you want to write about. Think of a character who would be affected by this, and how she deals with it, even changes it.

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Photo by Robert Anthony Carbone on Pexels.com

My new book is based on events and characters from my previous books, so I’m looking at plot and goals. What must they do to save the human race, and how are they supposed to do it. And do they accomplish it. Stay tuned.

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