Did you know…

The root of the word Admiral comes from the Arabic ‘amir’? More later.

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve sent my book manuscript, Cityfall, to a publisher, and my story, Maxee’s Journey, to a well-known sci-fi magazine. Now I wait. And work on my new book and type my husband’s book. Fortunately they  differ enough that I don’t get them confused.

Too hot to do anything outside except water plant in the early morning. Thank Oneness for air conditioning.

Back to ‘admiral’. ‘Amir’ was a name for an arabic chefton in the 7th century when the Muslims spread to the Mediterranean. In Latin, it was confused with the word admirari, which means to admire. The specific use of admiralus for a commander of a fleet originated in 12th century Sicily and spread to the rest of Europe.

Having trouble with photos.

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