Green Zone

Everywhere I look out of my windows I see green. It’s the rainy season again, and nothing stops growing. Out this morning pulling weeds and grass where it doesn’t belong. As far as I’m concerned.

The word for today is cataphora. It means the use of a grammatical substitute (as a pronoun) that has the same reference as a following word or phrase. As her in before her Jane saw nothing but desert. Nothing to do with cats.

No word about my novel yet. Beginning to input new novel into computer as first revision from handwritten draft. Having to unplug every afternoon when thunderstorms come up. Have everything on Onedrive, but still…

We will have to get my husband a new computer this summer at back to school sales. His is only nine years old and Windows 7.

Preparing for our trip to Ireland. My mother’s people came from Cork County. Can’t wait.

aerial photography of rock next to water body
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