What is Rubric?

According to Webster, rubric is an authoritative rule, originally for conduct of a liturgical (church) service. The Florida Writers’ Association uses a rubric for for their annual literary contest. It consists of several parts, with scores from one to ten. A judge scores your work on things like genre, opening, plat, characters, setting, mechanics of writing (grammar, spelling), etc. Each section is scored and if the total is over a certain number, it becomes a semifinalist.

This is critiquing by the numbers. I just got mine for my book, Perri’s Gates, so-so, and my story, Anquish, which scored 91 and made finalist.


I have my latest novel in the contest this year and am waiting to hear about it.

Meanwhile, I am working on my next one. First line: Janny drifts among bubbles of light and swirls of purple and blue in never ending blackness.

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