Heat Wave

And it’s only going to get hotter and hotter. We’re fortunate, we have a place on the lake, and the lake breezes keep us a little less hot than other places. Thank Oneness for air conditioning. I have worked for a local Carrier dealer and we have a top of the line model.

I hadn’t heard about my ms, so I emailed the publisher. She said it had gotten lost, but will check it out this week. So here’s hoping. My new novel is proceeding apace. I’m having to update my genealogy for these people on Peace because there’s a new generation and it’s getting complicated.

Also having to update both colonies, because it’s ten years later on Cityworld and seventeen years later on Peace, from the last books. Writing may be fun at times, but it’s also hard work. Some scenes come so easily, out of nowhere and I can’t stop writing, but other parts, such as transitions and making sure you don’t say the same thing twice, are much harder. Not to mention editing, so I won’t.

beach during sunset
Photo by b. on Pexels.com


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