Moon Men

Fifty years is a long time. I heard Armstrong’s first step on the moon. We did not have a television at the time. It is still amazing when I look up at the full moon and remember when men walked up there.

My father taught me about astronomy and showed me the constellations. I’ve always been interested in the stars, and when I discovered science fiction at a young age, I was hooked. When I was assigned to write a story in high school English, of course it was science fiction. I think I still have a copy of it somewhere.

Young Janny drifts among bubbles of light and swirls of purple and blue in unending blackness. She isn’t sure what she perceives, but it is nothing anything she has ever experienced before.

This is the first paragraph of my new book. Want to read more? Stay tuned.


astronaut standing beside american flag on the moon
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