Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

I just got back from the post office where I mailed my signed contract to my book publisher, Paper Dragon. Whee! No I wait for them to send me corrections I need to do. I still can’t believe I have an actual book contract.

Cityfall: Samanda Lar is jerked out of her rut as an investigator by the return of her ex-husband and escape from his attempted kidnapping of her. This gets the attention of the overseeing Volen, who send her to meet the other species on this planet.

When City begins to fall apart, Sam must find another place for the people of City and see that they move there. Fighting earthquakes, floods, and the fact that City people cannot handle outdoors, not to mention many people do not want to go, Sam has her work cut out for her.

With the help of her twin, Brad, her alien brother who becomes her sister, and third brother Todd, she manages to get most of the people out. Eschewing men, she and Hal, who lost his lover, Ross, in the collapse, form a platonic relationship.

That’s what Cityfall is about. We should have it out around the first of the year. Stay tuned.

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