New Computer

We got my husband a new computer because his was nine years old. Similar model as my Lenovo. Setting it up was so much fun. It’s amazing how many choices you have to make for all sorts of things. He’s happy so I’m happy.

Also trying to get ready entries for both of us for the workshop next month, deadline is 10-4. Mine’s ready, but his still needs work. Plus getting my pages ready for Friday’s critique group. We usually do eight pages.

The computer was supposed to be delivered Friday, but we were at our meeting, so we had to wait until Monday and pick it up at a UPS dropoff not too far away. We went to a short film festival in our own little town. Very nice, and something different. Ran into a couple of friends there. We’ve been here 20 odd years, so always running into someone we know.

Fall is here. Somewhere. At least it’s not muggy for now, so nice out even if warm.

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