1. First edit from Publisher

Monday I received the first edit of my book from my publisher. I’ve spent the last two pl us days going through it and making his suggested changes — or not. A very interesting experience. I’ve also found a few typos here and there that we both missed. Some of his suggested punctuation is different from what I’m used to from my critique group. Also, he made several positive comments.

What he has done has made it better in many places. Also, since this ms is the precursor to the book I’m currently writing, I’ve come across several things that I need to incorporate in my new book. Writing is such fun.

Baseball playoff season is here, and both my teams are in the playoffs. Another distraction. I’m enjoying the (slightly) cooler fall days.

Imagine. Words are made of letters put together in a certain way. and sentences are made by putting words together in a certain way. Put sentences together a certain way and you have a story.


assorted color alphabet on black background
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