Proofing 123

Last Friday I got the first production proof from my publisher. It’s a copy of the manuscript set up as it will appear in the actual book. I have been going through it line by line, word by word. Any changes that need to be made (and there are lots) I have to write in an Excel document called the Proof Review Checklist. When I get done and send it back, they will correct their document.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, I received the mss from the other two members of our writing workshop Sunday, and had to critique them. Somehow, I didn’t get much done on my new book. When it rains, it pours….

Speaking of rain, we could use some. As I look out on the lake, someone just flew by on a waterski. I didn’t know anyone on the lake had one. Haven’t seen it before. Finally cooling off a little. Lows now dropping into the 60s.


Taken through the window screen. The red flower is a hibiscus.















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