Workshops for Good or Evil

It depends on how you take them. If you go to one looking for praise on how good your work is, you will be disappointed, nay, crushed. I go to workshops to find out how my work appears to other eyes who have not read my previous books and expect my ms to be torn apart. Then I can write it better.

Last weekend, Greg and I went to Necronimacon, a science fiction convention in Tampa. On Sunday, we attended a four hour workshop with two other people and the director, a  experienced author and workshop runner. We both learned a lot and came out of it better writers. However, it took a couple of days before we actually looked at all their comments. There is a certain amount of anguish involved.

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My advice is, if you have a chance to attend a workshop with a professional, grab it and be prepared to be hurt. Look for the good things they say about your work; that will give you some ego-boo.

We also talked to several of our writer and sci-fi friends, and attended panels about science and writing. And just hung out.

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