Fall, Fires, and Future

Finally, it’s a little cooler. Totally ignored Halloween. No kids in our neighborhood since the neighbors’ kids grew up. Thanksgiving serves a purpose, to remind us what we should be thankful for. And Christmas — can’t even think about that yet.

Fires in California are horrible. I grew up in Southern California, went to college there, met my husband there. So beautiful when I was young. My husband grew up in northern California and is familiar with the places up there. I would not want to live there again, even if I could afford it. We left because of the cost of housing in ’83.

Just read a report signed by 11,000 scientists saying we are in climate crisis. Meaning we could lose the whole world, leaving only Antarctica habitable. Wouldn’t that be fun. And there are still idiots who say it’s a hoax.

Back to writing. Mon sent back second production proof with changes. Working hard on new book. Over 5000 words since Thursday. Signed up for a course on Marketing with Writers Digest, to start tomorrow.

Photo by Guillaume Falco on Pexels.com

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