2 Weeks, 6 weeks,plus 5 til 2o2o

Unbelievable, huh?   Where has the time gone?

Finished second print proof and am waiting for the publisher. Meanwhile, working like crazy on next book. Sometimes characters say things I don’t expect. Had a mother-daughter scene where daughter wanted mother to do something necessary to the plot. But Mom said to me, “I’m not doing that.” So had to rewrite a bunch. Just because people say you, the writer, are god and can make your characters do anything, doesn’t mean they will do it. Especially if it’s out of character.

I love this fall weather. Can go outside and putter in the yard or visit neighbors who are doing the same in midafternoon with a cool breeze.

I have an event where I want to do a book signing next February, for which I need a copy of my 2020 sales tax form, but they are not up on the website yet. I called – computer problems – so not up til Dec. I expect all the other venders are having the same problem.

Oh, well.

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