9 to be thankful for

First and foremost, the relationship I have with my best friend and lover, my husband. We are so totally in sync, it makes up for my unhappy and lonely twenties.

Second, my health. I can still do everything I need and want to be doing. I see so many people who can barely manage to get around. And I need few medications.

Third, our financial situation is comfortable. Our house and our cars are paid off, and no other big loans. We are able to travel once a year, in the states or abroad.

Fourth, we have a wonderful home in a quiet neighborhood (as a neighbor runs a nosy device) overlooking a beautiful lake. Our dream home. And it’s all ours.

Fifth, our families. Although we don’t get to see them often, we have a close relationship with my sister and her sons, and Greg’s brothers and their families. My sister and I have long phone talks once a month. And there’s email.

group of people making toast
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Two wonderful circles of friends.

Friendly neighbors who help each out when necessary.

My cat companion, whom I rescued after she was dropped off by the side of the road.


Any finally, a working computer.


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