Welcome 2020

I never thought I’d live to see this day, and I am still young – at heart. Another beautiful day in Florida. Strong breezes blowing the flora around with a choppy, sparkling lake beyond. Partly cloudy skies. Our porch thermometer says almost 80 but I think It’s exaggerating.

So to writing. Still working on cover for my book. Have signed up for SciFi Bartow next month,  where I will have a table selling my books, and I hope my new one will be out by then. Finished the first draft of Bubbles, partly mere outline, so now I go back and rewrite. I have started a chapter by chapter summary so I can keep track of what’s happening when, and who said what, and when was something first mentioned.

Now that I’m almost finished putting Christmas away, I can get back to some of my other projects. Like stamps, book catalog, organizing photos, getting rid of stuff. Which I do in the mornings, and write in the afternoons.

So welcome to a new year and may everyone be healthy and prosper.

beach woman sunrise silhouette
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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