3 Words/phrases to Never Use

As I am waiting for progress on my book, I am going to start ruminating on language and words. Besides English, I understand a lot of Spanish, some German, and a smattering of Russian, Italian and French. Sometimes I’ll use a shorter word in another language in my journal or first drafts, such as etwas for something or ayer for yesterday.

‘Never’ is too general. Have you ever noticed that when you say oh, that will never happen, shortly afterward, it happens, With ‘always’, if you look hard enough you can find an exception.

‘Everybody knows’ really bugs me. Can you name one thing everyone knows, even newborn babies. One of the most widely known items is the fact that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, but does a newborn know that yet? Better to use

‘It is well known,’ or ‘it’s common knowledge that…’ .

I have heard about getting business cards and postcards from my publisher to promote my book, Cityfall, so it will be out soon.

Cityfall (trade paperback)

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