The Chicken or the Egg

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It turns out, according to English Through the Ages, that the word for chicken was in use in Old English, before 950 A.D. Egg didn’t show up for another three hundred years or so. Strange, the word for the bird was around a lot longer than the word for what came out of it.

I have my new business cards and postcards with the picture of my new book on it. And my publisher, Water Dragon, is sending me my copies of my books. I hope they get here before SyFy Bartow on the 15th, where i am one of several authors in a signing. Meanwhile, I am mushing along in my next book.

And a story, “Maxee’s Journey,” about a character in Cityfall. The first line is: “Maa, I hurt.”

Also, just finished my taxes. Many things happen in January & February. Especially this year, with my new book coming up. Events with my Celtic American Club of the Highlands, including Burns night dinner. That’s for Scottish poet Robert Burns. Starting a new account book for my business and personal accounts, planning a spring trip, and, of course, taxes.

brown hen
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