A New World

The world has turned upside down, but I am still writing. One of several projects that keeps me busy while I am stuck at home. I look out my window at the lake and it appears the same as always. But in the greater world…

Two book signings I’d planned this spring are no more. Our critique group has shut down, plus other groups we used to attend. Greg is also continuing to write and I am typing his pages.For that, he cooks dinner on Tuesdays. The cat doesn’t know any different, except that we are home all the time.

I have revamped the novel I’m working on, after a hiatus when I couldn’t figure out where I was going. Also going through stacks of old writing articles and magazines, getting organized by topic so I can find what I want,for both of us. My house is going to be so organized when this is over.

I miss baseball, but mlb is showing old games, so that helps. I’m wrapping up cataloging our books, at least a thousand. So we have plenty to read. And eleven bookcases in our great room alone. And the libraries are closed, so I can’t borrow new jigsaw puzzles and will have to rework my old ones.

However, we will survive this and move on. We will reschedule our fortieth anniversary cruise for next year (fingers crossed) and see what happens next. I wish everyone out there well, including he who values profits over his people’s lives.

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