What will the new normal be?

Whatever life will be after this is all over, it won’t be the same as before. Beside technical developments, there will be other changes in the way we live.  I am living in a never-never land where I, an inveterate planner, cannot plan any future events because the future is a big, blank unknown. However, I have a pleasant home, plenty of food and activities to keep me busy, and most of all, my husband to be with me.

I am continuing to work on my writing. Slowly but ongoing. I sit here and look out my back  window at the lake and everything looks normal. Go out the front door and there’s very little traffic on a once busy road. If a neighbor is out, I approach but we keep our six foot distance. I call my sister in Colorado, she’s home bound with her two dogs. Her son does her shopping for her. Greg does ours. I haven’t been off my property for almost a month.

That’s life in this new world, but we’ll work our way through it. We were going to celebrate our 40th anniversary last month on the Danube, but that didn’t happen. Maybe next year. We have two years to use our Viking coupon. We had so many plans…

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