Another world

Life will be different. Life is different now. Most days are the same for me, most days I don’t go anywhere. Today is a beautiful, cool spring day and I have been working out in the yard, bagging up trimmings and fallen moss. I still do my regular household tasks on their regular days, except when Greg goes shopping and I make him strip when he returns and wash those clothes immediately while he takes a shower.

I write in the afternoons, like always, and work on projects around the house. Two of my friend have just published books. Paul Moore, the second of his trilogy, Songs in a Box, and Suzanna Harvell, Shadow Bayeau. They are in my critique group so I know the stories, but I had to buy the published books.

My husband and I never went out to eat much, so we don’t miss that. We do miss our critique group, our Celtic American Society of the Highlands, of which Greg is vice president, and his monthly hobby rocket launches. I talk to my sister every few week and Greg keeps in touch with his brothers and friends.

My biggest problem is because of the unknown future, I can’t do any planning, and I’m an inveterate planner. We’ve already lost two trips this year and i don’t know if our fall science fiction convention will be on. So I’m living day by day. Looking at the weather channel and my email newsletters every morning in the great room with Greg as he pores through pages on his tablet. We are spending more time together.


View out my window as I sit here at my desk. That’s my neighbor’s dock, and a red hibiscus.


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